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Is your child having difficulty learning, paying attention, or remembering information? Are they not feeling challenged in the classroom and eager for deeper experiences at school? Do they have trouble getting along with others or have frequent mood swings?

A psychological evaluation can help answer any of these questions and provide information into how you can help your child and your family. Morningstar Wellness offers comprehensive psychological evaluations of children and adolescents’ learning, cognitive abilities, social/emotional functioning, and behavior to understand and identify what is preventing them from moving forward in school and college.

Types of Psychological Evaluations

We provide psychological evaluations for school-aged children and adolescents in the following areas:

  • Academic Performance difficulties (e.g., reading, mathematics, and written Expression)
  • Attention, Concentration, and Executive Functioning problems (e.g., ADHD)
  • Emotional, Behavioral, and Mental Health Concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, personality disorders)
  • Gifted and IQ Evaluations
  • Special accommodations when taking standardized tests (SAT, GRE, or FCAT).

We work collaboratively with school psychologists, administrators and special education teachers and staff, in order to assist parents in advocating effectively for their children. We assist and guide parents through the special education process and at times attend Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meetings, as needed. If an evaluation has already been conducted by the school, we can provide a second opinion with more in-depth testing. In addition, we can review previously administered school testing and interpreting the findings for parents.

If you think you or your child would benefit from an evaluation, contact us today to set up a free phone consultation to learn more.

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