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How to Excel at E-Learning: Tips for High Schoolers from High Schoolers

Due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, e-learning has quickly become the new normal for students across the United States. While many high school students took virtual classes in the past, moving everything online is quite the change for students, teachers, and parents.

The days of waking up early and rushing to school before the late bell rings feel like distant memories of the past. Now students can roll out of bed (or stay in bed!) to complete their weekly assignments. And while this new way of schooling may seem more relaxing, it requires more self-motivation and time management skills for students.

This new way of learning had me wondering…

What do students think of this change?

How are they managing to get their assignments done?

Are there specific strategies they are using to stay motivated?

Rather than sharing my personal time management and motivation tips, I wanted to hear from actual high school students going through this experience. I posed these questions to my friends and colleagues who have teens e-learning at home.

The infographic  below shows 6 strategies that worked for many of these high school students. Have other e-learning tips for teens? Leave a comment or email with suggestions!

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