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Dr. Mollie Headley

Dr. Mollie Headley is a nationally certified school psychologist in the state of Florida and a psychological associate at Morningstar Wellness. She earned a Doctorate in School Psychology from University of South Florida and has over 12 years of experiences working with children and families in a variety of settings including schools, homes, and multidisciplinary healthcare centers. In addition to her clinical work at Morningstar Wellness, Mollie supports the Problem Solving/Response to Intervention Project at the University of South Florida as a Postdoctoral Fellow, currently supporting initiatives focused on promoting the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth of all students across the state of Florida.

Passion for Helping Students Thrive at School

Mollie specializes in working with youth and their families to help children thrive both academically and behaviorally in schools. Mollie has a vast array of experiences in the public-school system, including years of being an elementary school teacher, school psychologist, and consultant. Because of her background she has the knowledge to help families navigate the educational system and work with your client’s teachers by providing recommendations on evidence-based interventions and individualized supports for Individualize Education Plans (IEPs) or 504 Plans. Mollie is highly trained on providing comprehensive psychological evaluations for learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders, social-emotional challenges, and giftedness. Additionally, she has worked with a variety of students experiencing anxiety, depression, executive functioning and attention deficits, and autism spectrum disorder.

Approach to Counseling and Coaching Students

Mollie incorporates a balanced approach in her work with clients often drawing upon person-centered and strengths-based techniques to establish a strong therapeutic relationship. Understanding the value of feeling heard, Mollie actively supports her clients in goal setting and attainment through motivational interviewing and solutions-focused strategies. Mollie also infuses cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive psychology approaches into her counseling and coaching to ensure that her clients gain the coping skills to face and overcome challenging situations, while also establishing a commitment towards an improved quality of life.

Training Background/Certification

  • BS in Elementary Education and Minor in Psychology from Florida Southern College
  • Elementary teacher in Polk County Public Schools
  • MA and Ed.S. in School Psychology from University of South Florida
  • Ph.D. in School Psychology from University of South Florida
  • Predoctoral intern in Pinellas County Schools
  • School Psychologist in Pasco and Polk County Schools
  • Postdoctoral Fellow within the Florida Problem Solving/Response to Intervention (PS/RtI) Project
  • Nationally Certified School Psychologist
  • Florida Certification in School Psychology, Elementary Education, Special Education, & ESOL Endorsement
  • Member of National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), Florida Association of School Psychologists (FASP), and Learning Forward (National & Florida Associations)

Dr. Mollie Headley’s Full Curriculum Vitae

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