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Dr. Lindsey O’Brennan

Dr. Lindsey O’Brennan is a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida (PY 10190) and owner of Morningstar Wellness. She opened Morningstar Wellness in 2018 because she wanted to provide mental health services that help people cope with their struggles AND remind them of their strengths. She believes personal exploration can be a positive transformation experience with the help of a supportive therapist.

Approach to Counseling and Coaching

Clients that value a strengths-based and active approach to counseling and coaching tend to be drawn to Dr. Lindsey. She utilizes a combination of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and positive psychology techniques to help clients hit the “pause button” on their brain and take a deeper dive to understand their thoughts, emotions, and reactions to situations. Dr. Lindsey believes in highlighting one’s unique strengths and values as a means of helping individuals determine the next best steps in their life. Most importantly Dr. Lindsey is a big believer in infusing humor and fun into the counseling process because life transformations can be a positive and joyful experience!

Passion for Working with High Achieving Individuals

Lindsey specializes in working with high achieving teens and adults, especially those in rigorous school programs, competitive athletes, or business professionals wanting to advance their career. As a self-identified “perfectionist” and “overachiever,” she’s been drawn to working with this group of talented and driven individuals since 2014. Having worked with high achieving students taking AP and IB classes in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties she witnessed firsthand how many of these bright and talented students get burnt out while striving for perfection. It’s her mission to help high achievers move confidently towards a life they desire, while also learning strategies to help manage anxiety, cope with stress, and feel more balanced.

Training Background

  • BA Degree in Psychology from Loyola University Maryland
  • MA Degree in Psychology from Catholic University of America
  • PhD in Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Predoctoral Intern at the University of Maryland School of Medicine Psychology Consortium
  • Postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Postdoctoral fellow at University of South Florida’s College of Education
  • Licensed Psychologist in State of Florida (PY 10190)
  • Adjunct faculty member and clinical supervisor for school psychology students at University of South Florida
  • Published over 40 articles, book chapters, and reports in academic journals and educational outlets
  • Member of American Psychological Association (APA) and Florida Psychological Association (FPA)

Dr. O’Brennan’s Full Curriculum Vitae


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