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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 virus, counseling sessions are being offered in-person, as well as online or over the phone. Our secure HIPAA compliant online portal is easy to use and navigate. 

We all experience ups and downs in our moods, but sometimes these emotional dips last longer than desired and limit our ability to enjoy our life. Many of us try to handle these problems on our own for weeks, months, or even years with the hope they will magically disappear. We are here to help you or your child navigate life’s challenges. We offer individual counseling services for children, teens, and adults experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm due to their school, work, and life demands.

Counseling with Children

Is your child having difficulty managing big emotions? Are they fearful to try new things or meet new people? Do they act out impulsively at home or in the classroom? Are they frequently being bullied or report being left out by their peers? These can all be tough situations for children to manage and over time can take their toll on your child’s happiness, academic performance, and relationships with others.

We work closely with children and their families to identify their personal strengths as well as areas for improvement. Your child will learn and practice new skills, such as how to cope with emotions, manage social situations, and form better connections with peers and adults.

Counseling with Preteens and Adolescents

Does your teen experience stress related to academic performance and pressure regarding college preparation? Are they taking college-level coursework, like AP classes or enrolled in an IB program, but are feeling overwhelmed by all the work? Are they withdrawing from friends or family members? Or are they curious about their gender identity or sexuality?

We believe in developing a safe and respectful relationship with your teen to help them develop coping skills, decrease anxiety, and develop a healthy sense of identity and self-expression. We will work with your teen to first understand the struggles they are facing while also teaching them the skills needed for success.

Counseling with Adults

Sometimes we just feel “stuck” or “off” in our life. Maybe your personal life has shifted due to a recent divorce, new child, or loss of a parent. Perhaps you recently moved to Tampa for work or school and are experiencing difficulty adjusting to life and managing relationships in a new city. Or the dream job you landed doesn’t feel like such a dream anymore and you’re questioning what to do with your life.

Life transitions can be exciting but can also produce a lot of stress and strain on relationships. When our stress from a life transition turns into excessive worry, lack of sleep, changes in appetite, stress and irritability, or makes us feel like we’re not quite ourselves, counseling can be helpful for navigating through in ways that are help us re-connect with our values.

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